“I have a theory of optimal zone; Ask your reports at every meeting if they are in the comfort, growth or red zone. If they are in the red zone, they may be being pushed too hard. You need to react quickly. All of the demands you were going to make in that meeting, all of your questions on deadlines. Do not ask them! Instead, put on your compassion ‘hat’ and try to understand how they got there and how you can help.” Danilo McGarry

This is the Thinking Boundless podcast. We are broadcasting daily to share insights from international Thought Leaders about how technologies, ideas and research will change business and change lives.

This episode is with Danilo McGarry. Danilo is a celebrated thought expert and speaker on AI and Automation. He successfully led one of the largest ever automation transformation projects, ever, during one of the most challenging times in business. He is a modern leader, challenging the status quo and daring to think differently.

In this episode, Danilo shares his theory of optimal zone and explains how to put it to work in your team at work.

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