Ambassador. Prof. Nabhit Kapur

Founder, Peacfulmind Foundation

Bruce Daisley

Ex-Twitter VP and #1 Bestselling Author

Chester Elton

Global influencer on business culture

Vera Mulyani

CEO at Mars City Design

Dr. Naeema Pasha

Leading on Future of Work and People

Areeq Chowdhury

AI Think Tank Leader

Arunkumar Krishnakumar

Sustainability Investor

Dr Brennan Jacoby

Business Philosopher

Imtiaz Adam

AI influencer

Dr Emre Kazim

Digital Ethicist

David Wood

Futuriest and Catalyst

David Rothery

Professor of Planetary Geosciences

Sarah Mannion

AI Evangelist

Gillian Hadfield

Chair in Technology and Society

Stuart Armstrong

Future of Humanity Researcher

Mark Thompson

#1 CEO Coach

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Cyber Operations Advisor

Nigel Willson

AI influencer

Stephen Fern

Sustainability Leader

Matt Black

Serial Entrepeneur

Ivana Bartoletti

Techinal Director