“In business it’s easy for companies to unlearn something when it stops working. But when something is providing an okay outcome, then it can be really hard to unlearn.” Ross Thonley

This is the Thinking Boundless podcast. We are broadcasting daily to share insights from international Thought Leaders about how technologies, ideas and research will change business and change lives.

Our work is to inspire organisations to be more #collaborative, #transparent and #sustainable. These are the things that will help us to thrive.

This episode is with Ross Thornley. Ross is a parallel entrepreneur and the founder of 6 companies across branding, innovation, product design, manufacturing and nanotechnology. I would describe Ross as an inquisitive and tenacious learner, driving inspiring visions for an abundant future and leveraging exponential technologies to unite, inspire and accelerate the best of all humanity.

In this episode, Ross talks about how we can build the adaptability skills, characteristics and environment in our organisations and how this could be the key thing that gets our companies through this period.

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