“When you need a trillion dollar investment, donations aren’t going to cut it. So we’re looking instead at taking a percentage of marketing budgets for perhaps the most important message that any company can have, that they care about the planet. Using 1% of turnover is a fraction of that marketing budget and is something that these companies are willingly giving. And this model is what underpins ARK2030.” Stephen Fern

This is a conversation with Stephen Fern. Stephen is Chairman of the Board at ARK 2030. He works with global business families to direct private capital towards a massive ecosystem restoration plan. A plan that could put an end to our climate crisis.

In this episode of the Thinking Boundless podcast, Stephen takes us through the ARK 2030 three-part plan to reduce global temperatures back to pre-industrial levels. Far from being audacious, this is a step by step, bite-sized approach to solving a massive problem. And it’s an honour to share his work here on the show.

The next step is to visit ark2030.org (ARK) to stay up to date and see the ways that your business will thrive by being involved with Ark Rewards.

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