💬 “As content selection algorithms become better, we need to consciously seek out opinions different from our own. AI is inadvertently creating a polarised society, and it’s down to us to make it more balanced” Stylianos Taxidis

This is a conversation with Stylianos Taxidis

🎙️ Stylianos is the Head of Data Science & Products at CDP, a not-for-profit charity running the global disclosure system for investors, companies, and regions to manage their environmental impacts. He is very passionate about environmental issues and an advocate of using the evolution in the field of data science to drive meaningful actions for the problems of our generation. He is a true believer of Augmented not Artificial Intelligence for the creation of a synergetic relationship between humans and algorithms.

🎧 In this episode of the @Boundless Podcast, Stylianos talks about:

💡 1.) the rise of the ‘instant expert‘
💡 2.) how AI is augmenting rather replacing true experts
💡 3.) how to change your mind

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