💬 “I encourage everyone to think twice about who you work with in the genetics field. The data that your genes contain can save your life, but it also contains all the secrets about your body. It comes down to the question; what do you think about the moral and ethical framework of the company that has your data? Ask yourself, to what extent can I trust this company and do they really have my back?”

This is a conversation with Jo Bhakdi.

🎙️ Jo is the founder and CEO of Quantgene. His work in machine learning, sequencing technology, and DNA extraction procedures defines the cutting edge of genomic diagnostics, early disease detection, and precision medicine. Jo holds a Masters in Economics and Psychology from Tubingen University, with a focus on financial theory and statistics. Beyond his focus on technology and the future of medicine, is dedicated to bringing together the best and brightest and transforming them into pioneers, pushing the boundaries of health, life, and innovation for all.

🎧 In this episode, Jo talks about the journey from the human genome project to today’s work in precision genetics and diagnosis. He explains what genetics data is available and for what purposes it is used and the way he is building his company called Quantgene so that there is transparency for all users as to how, where and for what their data is being used for. In this case, he makes it very simple, to keep you healthy and nothing else. Jo gives us a guide as to how to recognise a trustworthy company. Our conversation turned to how soon your genetic profile will affect your chances of dating and mating and we discussed life extension and even the eradication of death.

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