“The true value of AI is not just automation. Automation is a starting point, but the true value of AI comes in being able to leverage AI in order to amplify and augment. By amplify, what I mean is supplementing humans and by augmentation, what I mean is complimenting humans.”

This is a conversation with Prashant Natarajan, Prashant strives to demystify technology & make it accessible, understandable, and usable by everyone in business contexts. He’s worked for organisations including Unum, Deloitte, H2O.ai, Oracle and McKesson and is the best-selling author of books that demystify data, analytics and applied Machine learning.

🎧 In this episode, Prashant explains why companies have reacted and responded so differently to the challenges of COVID-19, some thriving, some not surviving. He examines the correlations being how effectively a corporation responded to COVID to how capable they are of delivering and scaling an AI project. Prashant goes on to explain that the largest benefits of AI in companies are beyond automation, when they can think about augmenting and amplifying human intelligence and activities.

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