“I’m a cheerleader for the Apple AR products, they’re going to be pretty awesome. When they come out they will deliver a new ecosystem for other companies to build into and around. And with increased machine learning and millions of people using it, it’ll get better and better.”

This is a conversation with Irena Cronin and Robert Scoble.

🎙️ Irena and Robert the authors of the new book Infinite Retina. Irena is the CEO of Infinite Retina, a company based in Pasadena, California that helps businesses enter and succeed in Spatial Computing. She has advised many decision-makers on business strategies related to Spatial Computing which includes AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, and other related technologies.

Robert is a technology journalist and advisor. Over the course of his career, he has interviewed thousands of entrepreneurs and has been the first to see the creation of many new technology companies, from Siri to Tesla.

🎧 In this episode, Irena and Robert talk about what it’s going to take to bring spatial computing into the mainstream and which tech company they believe could make this future possible. We explore the challenges that Magic Leap faced, a virtual reality headset company that raised nearly $3bn and hasn’t yet managed to release a fully saleable, scalable product. We talk about how and what AI devices like Alexa are learning, what data will be collected by spatial computers and the privacy challenges associated to this.

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