“Automation will displace all bureaucracies, all cognitive work, all routine labour that’s not creative. This idea that management jobs are protected because there’ll be referring to AI and data is just silly. AI is going to be much more effective at guiding and leading than any manager’s ever been in a Fortune 500 company.” Dr. Daniel Araya.

🎙️ Daniel is a consultant and advisor with a special interest in technological innovation, public policy, and governance. He is co-founder of Ay-en Advisors and a Senior Fellow with the Centre for International Governance Innovation. He is a regular contributor to Forbes, The Brookings Institution, Futurithmic, and Singularity Hub. His newest books include Augmented Intelligence from 2018 and Smart Cities as Democratic Ecologies from 2015. Daniel has a doctorate from the University of Illinois and is an alumnus of Singularity University’s graduate program in Silicon Valley.

🎧 In this episode, Daniel shares his views on the intersection of technology, geo-politics and sustainability at this moment in history. He talks about a burning desire for new economic and societal models that will replace the maximisation era and move companies and nations beyond a pursuit of growth at all costs to something new. Rather than being a reasoned and logical progression to something better, in fact Daniel says this is cyclical and the end of this cycle is beginning. This tallies to John Maynard Keynes who predicted in 1930 that after 100 years we would have fully benefited from the economic models that lifted nations into prosperity. At this time those who chose to use these models for growth would no longer need to exploit and destroy our fellow humans or nature to escape poverty. 90 years has passed, and certainly it seems like change is the air this decade and beyond.

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