“The Chief Data Officer (CDO) has the ability to understand how information and data should be embedded within the business strategies, values and vision. Data drives successful customer outcomes, and I see no reason why today’s CDOs could not be tomorrow’s CEOs.”

🎙️Peter is a Principal Management Consultant at Aiimi, with experience leading consultancy teams and establishing and growing consultancy practices. He specialises in the development of Data and Digital Strategy and the management of Strategic Change Programmes.

🎧 In this episode, Peter talks about how good Data Governance is about finding the balance between both supporting innovation and maintaining the integrity of the data being used. He says that if we can get this right, data engineers, scientists and analysts will see governance as a positive thing and contribute further to making data trustworthy, accurate, timely and relevant, so that we can rely on the results whether that’s from a report or the output of an AI model.

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