💬 “With having giant AI corporations, Europe has lost out to China and the US. But I think Europe has a chance to do something differently and try to turn this defeat into a virtue. Europe can decentralise data and create platforms where everybody will share their data together and this could lead to some very progressive ‘next level’ type of models that could become viable alternatives for the rest of the world”

🎙️ This is a conversation with Dr. Vijak Haddadi. Vijak’s passion is contributing to the beneficial emergence of what has been called Meta-Intelligence: a planetary scale integration of human, artificial, and meta-systemic intelligences. He takes an active interest in the fields of humanistic intelligence, decentralized AI, human enhancement, and eventually full-fledged human-AI symbiosis. His PhD thesis in Philosophy, obtained at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy was on the systematic relation of consciousness and logic. He is currently the Lead Visioneer for 1SOCIETY.

🎧 In this episode, Vijak talks about how big the challenges are to transform corporates and workers to the new digital economy. A transformation so seismic in impact that he is calling it a revolution. He contemplates whether a generation of workers, that are most vulnerable to change, will be able to make the leap into the new economy and how decentralised web and blockchain platforms could be a partial answer to a more inclusive future.

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