💬 “One of the concepts that I’m really interested in is a concept called decentralization. It’s actually a world that doesn’t have companies anymore. It might not even have countries. Where everybody can boot up an idea, and then everybody else has the ability to frictionlessly contribute to the idea to drive forward that product or that service and be paid fairly for that contribution.” Daniel Hulme

🎙️ This is a conversation with Dr Daniel Hulme. Daniel is the CEO of Satalia and he’s on a mission is to create a world where everyone has the freedom to spawn and contribute to innovations, and have those innovations become free to everyone.

Daniel has Doctorate in AI from UCL, and is UCL’s Computer Science Entrepreneur in Residence. He is also a lecturer at LSE’s Marshall Institute, focused on using AI to solve business and social problems.

🎧 In this episode, Daniel talks about why capitalism isn’t working and how a marketplace of micropayments could address the limitations of our current economic model. He shares his vision for a borderless world that allows billions more people to innovate, and contribute to solving problems and how we could homogenize workers across borders leading to more equitable distribution of wealth.

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