This is Beyond Journeys: How electrifying road travel will shape our lives and our environment. Today’s episode is on insights and observations from the last two interviews and I’m joined by my series commentator Tapan Trivedi.

🎧 In this episode Tapan and I discussed our insights and observations prompted by episodes with:

– Carl Bayliss, VP, Mobility & Home Energy at Centrica who talked about

💡 1.) his journey from premium car brands into energy services
💡 2.) how we will connect cars to the grid and our homes to balance and optimise energy needs
💡 3.) how connected EVs will help the UK to get to NetZero and encourage renewable energy take-up
💡 4.) how consumer data will be used to support autonomous energy decisions
💡 5.) the partnership between Centrica and Lotus

– Christoph Domke, Clean and Smart Mobility Lead at FTI Consulting who talked about

💡 1.) the winners and losers in mobility as we shift from ICE to EV
💡 2.) which transport sector will electrify first and why
💡 3.) why companies may have to write off legacy assets
💡 4.) how to make EVs more profitable
💡 5.) the feasibility of Truck Platooning

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