“There’s been an awful lot of attempts at mimicking the human creative process in artificial intelligence. But the replication of the creative process remains really tough. Those flicks of the synapse on the subconscious, just throwing things out, is something that is uniquely human.”

This is a conversation with Kate Baucherel. Kate is a business development and emerging technology consultant with a focus on blockchain and distributed ledger technology. She has held senior technical and financial roles in businesses across multiple sectors. Her writing includes Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (2020) and the SimCavalier scifi series you can find her work at www.katebaucherel.com.

In this episode, Kate takes about the hype and hope of blockchain particularly in helping to reduce losses in supply chain and the success that distributed ledger technologies have already had on reducing unnecessary insurance claims that were putting great financial stress of farmers in developing nations. We went on to talk about Artificial Intelligence and creativity and the future of jobs.

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