“When you think about discrimination, so far it has been from one person to another, the danger of AI is that it scales this up. AI solutions have such an important impact on our societies, perhaps they need be approved. Maybe we can learn something from the medical world where medicine has to be approved before it can be launched.”

This is a conversation with Susanne Chishti. Susanne is the CEO of FINTECH Circle, Europe’s first Investor Network focused on fintech investments. She is also the Co-Editor of “The FINTECH Book” which has been translated into 10 languages. Her other titles, compiled with crowd wisdom include The WealthTECH Book, The InsurTECH Book, The PAYTECH Book, The LEGALTECH Book and The AI Book.

In this episode, Susanne talks about how AI could scale up discriminatory decision making in FinTech and beyond, how AI is so powerful, impactful and unexplainable that it may need medical level approval. She also tells the story of crowd sourcing the authors for the AI Book which was published in 2020 by Wiley and features a chapter by yours truly about AI and our financial future.

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