“We talk about the ‘snowflake’ generation, but actually what they are is more awakened. There are many things that we can learn from younger people; how they operate and what they want to see in the business and from a business. It’s not the same as 20 years ago, there’s lots we can learn from them.”

This is a conversation with Yvette Lamidey. Yvette is a business growth and innovation expert. Her client work has spanned strategy, innovation, growth, efficiencies, change and implementation. She coaches and mentors board members and leadership teams to facilitate change and deliver sustainable business growth.

In this episode, Yvette talks about how we have an opportunity in business now to learn from early Quaker led companies that operated on the principals of human kindness, employee wellbeing and sharing success. An opportunity to become heart centred businesses. To still make tough choices, to have high standards and to thrive profitably in business, but making sure that at the same time, every decision is connected to the heart and carried out with kindness.

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