“As a CEO, the first thing I would be asking my team is ‘who are our regular users?’ Then I’d take these personas and map out what experiences and journey they now need. Taking nothing for granted, I would showcase the new customer journey map to these customers. I’d get the advocacy and the buy from them in advance. I’d be asking them ‘does it look right?’”

This is a conversation with Murray Grubb Jnr. Within Oracle, Murray heads up the Aviation Sector to drive Digital Transformation, User Adoption and Acceptance of modern digital services. He is a former Elected Politician, Speaker, Panellist, Judge and Industry Expert on all forms of Digital Engagement.

In this episode, my second conversation with Murray. He talks about how companies, particularly those that have had their doors closed for some time need to completely redesign their user experience before they open their doors. Not only this, but they also need to get buy-in in advance from the customers that they want to serve. They can’t leave a new customer experience to guesswork.

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