“When it comes to giving all people in technology a voice, I think we’re starting to see a change for the positive. Much of this has been triggered by recent events and people waking up to the fact that there isn’t anywhere here as much diversity as they thought there was.”

This is a conversation with Ellen Ward. Ellen is a technology delivery lead with 10 years of experience working on business transformation projects. The past five years have seen her lead hugely successful AI programmes and strategy, and launch her own social enterprise, Elbridge AI. She is passionate about tech for good, speaking on and actively increasing diversity in the tech sector, and runs the Women in Tech initiative at Cranfield University in partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs.

In this episode, Ellen talks about her AI for Good projects, that are focussed on using technology to solve real world problems. She shares how well she feels we are closing the gender gap in computing and how event organisers, and podcast hosts can be more inclusive.

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