“With neural lace, machines will slow down in order to be able to communicate with our brain, then go away, perform lightening calculations and then come back with a result communicated at a rate we can understand. We are advancing human capabilities through machines because we can’t evolve quick enough biologically, but I don’t see any need for us to change, to be like machines or to match them. This is not about augmentation, just tools that we’re creating for our own benefit.”

This is a conversation with Carl Robinson. Carl is the founder and host of the Voice Tech Podcast, a popular podcast about voice technology. A former chatbot product manager and voice-AI data scientist, he is now building Rumble Studio, a podcast creation service with a twist: human-machine conversations.

In this episode, Carl describes how conversations between humans and artificial intelligence can unlock new opportunities in society and business. Conversations, that will take place using natural language as AI grows more competent and compassionate.

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