Stuart is a James Martin Research Fellow at Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University.
His research centres on the safety and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, how to define the potential goals of AI and map humanity’s partially defined values into it, and the long term potential for intelligent life across the reachable universe. He has written and contributed to many papers about how AI will affect, influence or control our future.

Stuart and I talked about why the future matters and what it takes to unite humanity. About applying safety to Artificial general intelligence and our likelihood of surviving en mass the hurdles and crises’ of the next two centuries. We talked about what it will be like to live on digitally and have a relationship with your as yet unborn descendants, and what we do now that could appall future, more enlightened generations. Stuart predicts our likelihood of experiencing the unseen vistas of the galaxy and paints a picture of a remarkable multi-planetary existence.

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