💬 “Technology can drive positive social change, but only if the technology is utilized for that specific purpose. With this in mind, we need to be consciously driving technology and ourselves in that direction.” Jon Thor Sigurleifsson

🎙️ My Friday Co-Host for the Infinite Leaders series is Jon Thor Sigurleifsson. Growing up in Iceland, Jon Thor had a lot of questions about the world and always knew that he wanted to explore it but the more he learned, the more he realised he didn’t just want to explore it, he wanted to change it.

🎧 In this episode Jon Thor and I discussed our insights and observations prompted by this week’s episodes with @David Jensen and Professor Dirk Messner. Our topics included:

💡 1.) measuring and managing our carbon footprint
💡 2.) turning knowledge into action
💡 3.) the emphasis on individuals vs. corporations and governments
💡 4.) how big retailers can affect change
💡 5.) why equality is better for rich people

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