💬 “Sometimes, the number of chargers that we declare in this country can flatter to deceive somewhat, and we’ve got to make sure we have the right sort of infrastructure for the right application.” @Sam Clarke

This is a conversation with Sam Clarke

🎙️ Sam is an entrepreneur, investor, EV evangelist, industry advisor on all things EV, and a commuter by electric vehicle for over 15 years. He was a previous winner of the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards and is a Fellow and sector chair for the National Institute of Couriers. In 2020, he was voted #36 in the GreenFleet top 100 most influential people in Low Carbon Fleets.

He is the pioneer behind green logistics specialist Gnewt, which he set up in 2009. It won multiple awards nationally and globally from the electric vehicle, logistics, environmental and wider business sectors during its decade long journey of last-mile logistics using only electric vehicles. The business was acquired under John Menzies Plc in 2017.

By the time of Sam’s exit in 2019, he had built up the country’s first and largest fully EV commercial fleet, created the largest privately-owned smart charging infrastructure network and installed the largest V2G network in the UK.

Sam has recently extended his Advisory capacity with sustainability experts GRIDSERVE to become their Chief Vehicle Officer to help accelerate their zero-emission future in both energy generation and the build of a nationwide network of electric forecourts.

🎧 In this episode of the Beyond Journeys series on the @Boundless Podcast, Sam talks about:
💡 1.) How he launched one of the first fully electric vehicle delivery fleets
💡 2.) how the charging infrastructure developed over time for this business
💡 3.) how and why he transitioned from running an EV fleet to his new role at GRIDSERVE
💡 4.) his thoughts on the distinct EV charging infrastructure challenges in both urban and rural areas
💡 5.) the importance of vehicle to grid technology becoming ubiquitous

This is the Beyond Journeys series on the Boundless Podcast; we explore how the electrification of road travel will impact our lives and the environment.

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