💬 “There’s often this culture of entrepreneurial-ism that looks at technology as a solution in itself. But if they’re not developed from the ground up, we can end up with significant inequalities between certain users.” Dr Felicity Heathcote-Márcz

This is a conversation with Dr Felicity Heathcote-Márcz

🎙️ Felicity is an ethnographer and the Research and Behaviours Lead at Atkins Global Intelligent Mobility. She employs anthropological approaches to understand how humans are using the latest intelligent mobility technologies like autonomous vehicles and mobility as a service. Felicity has designed and led research trials testing out new technologies with behavioural interventions to understand what makes a difference to improving transport services and supporting policymakers to understand how they can be ready for the future of transport. Felicity also guest lectures on mobility and research, and has authored academic, technical and journalistic content on these themes.

🎧 In this episode of the Beyond Journeys series on the @Boundless Podcast, Felicity talks about:

💡 1.) putting user requirements at the front and centre of the design stage for EVs
💡 2.) the importance of field research to reduce inequality in the future of mobility
💡 3.) mitigating for invisible biases in data and research
💡 4.) where and how behavioural nudging works
💡 5.) mobility, pandemics and the future of work

This is the Beyond Journeys series on the Boundless Podcast, we are exploring how the electrification of road travel will impact our lives and environment.

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