💬 “There are biases against EVs for reasons like range, anxiety and comfort. But it’s important that we think of drivers not as a homogenous group, but instead, we recognise and serve their unique differences.” @Edward Houghton

This is a conversation with Edward Houghton

🎙️ Edward is Head of Research and Service Design at DG Cities. He is a behavioural and data scientist interested in sustainability and Smart Cities, systems thinking and systems resilience. Excited and interested in user-centred design, data, AI and machine learning and with a background in intervention design, impact evaluation and operational research. Edward is driven by understanding “what works”.

This is the Beyond Journeys series on the Boundless Podcast, we are exploring how the electrification of road travel will impact our lives and environment.

🎧 In this, the 2nd episode of the Beyond Journeys series on the @Boundless Podcast, Edward talks about:
💡 1.) EV consumer behaviours
💡 2.) Ethical use of data and AI to support the smart grid
💡 3.) the impact potential of mobility hubs
💡 4.) Unintended consequences of new mobility policies
💡 5.) the importance of evidence-based decisions