💬 “Rather than looking at conservation as a cost, we should be looking at it as an opportunity to reinvent our economies for the future. And when the entrepreneurs and VCs see those opportunities, then I think they’re going to be incredibly successful.” @Alex Dehgan

This is a conversation with Alex Dehgan

🎙️ Alex is a creative serial innovator, entrepreneur, scientist, and experienced diplomat and development leader, specializing in creative approaches to taking on and solving grand challenges in conservation, development, and foreign affairs, with a record of success in more than 80 countries on six continents. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Conservation X Labs, an organisation that seeks to create a new model for conservation. They call themselves a conservation technology open foundry focused on creating and scaling new revolutionary innovations that have the power to transform the future of conservation. Conservation X Labs launches grand challenges that use open innovation, prizes, mass collaboration and the power of the market to develop new conversation technologies.

This is the Infinite Leaders series on the Boundless Podcast, we are exploring how Digital Transformation, Data and Artificial Intelligence can promote, provide engagement and deliver environmental sustainability.

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