This is a conversation with Fionnuala O’Conor.

Fionnuala is finding ways to optimise human/AI co-working and she is the Founder and CEO of Project Kindi. Project Kindi is currently a research project focussing on how AI models get built and deployed. Fionnula plans to solve what she calls the “Monday morning problem” – the need for real-world, personalised guidance on making behavioural change happen and stick.

In this episode, we discussed just how far AI can go to predict, influence and control our behaviours and decisions. To get to this answer we talked about truth, trust, historical data, theoretical data, persuasive tech, corporate ethics and how Tech can give us better stories and even be the friend that we need right now. I was stunning at how fluently Fionnuala traversed these challenging topics to draw reference on her research, empirical evidence and insights about the future.

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