This is a conversation with Ben Rayner and Paul Stephenson.

Ben spent two decades working in advertising, developing brand and communication strategies for some of the world’s biggest companies. He has a vision of a business world where branding of the individual becomes the ‘norm’ and is fascinated by why many of continue to forget the lessons of our past.

Paul spent a career in growing people to grow business. He changed company cultures and helped people to break through glass ceilings and overcome limiting beliefs. He is fascinated by the power of the individual and why people can fail to acknowledge all of the options that are available to them.

Ben and Paul formed Zengility in 2019 with a mission to liberate the world from work.

In this episode we talked about how business has been hardwired into the dangerous concept of growth at all costs. I spoke to Ben and Paul about how individually and collectively we can escape this pattern of life and business that is effectively killing us and the biosphere around us. Ben and Paul range from pragmatic to radical as we explored who’s terms we are living life on, status anxiety and essentialism. It gives me hope that people like Ben and Paul have about-turned their consultancy practices to focus entirely on happiness.

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