💬 “Consumers have the right to know their risks. A truly consumer-centric approach is about making artificial intelligence risks visible and predictable.” @Nikita Lukianets

🎙️ Nikita Lukianets, a Founder of the Open Ethics initiative that fosters the inclusive dialogue between experts and citizens to design systems where humans and AI successfully work together. Nikita is also a Founder and CTO at PocketConfidant AI, a 24/7 coaching technology powered by artificial intelligence.

Previously, as a fellow with SIGNALIFE Ph.D. program in life sciences in France, Nikita worked on supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms for neuronal classification, bridging approaches in neurobiology and statistical learning.

Nikita Lukianets has more than 10 years of experience in Human-Computer Interaction and has partnered with multiple organizations to help them build human-centered interfaces.

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