This is a conversation with Sarah Mannion of Nvidia and Andy Feltham of Filament AI.
Sarah is a Tech Evangelist at Nvidia. Formerly with Microsoft and Apple, she has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. Sarah has a breadth of knowledge across all NVIDIA solutions, from AI to deep learning, to remote graphics.
Andy Feltham is a Master Inventor and former manager of IBM’s UK Emerging Technologies team. He worked for IBM for 14 years before joining Filament as the VP of Innovation. Andy has a love for how technology can solve real problems.
In this episode we talked about the problems with calling ‘cognitive technologies’ ‘artificial intelligence’; the risks, the inference, the stories it conjures up and the hype. We compared AI hype to other technologies hype and discussed how enterprises are asking different AI questions this year. Finally, we spoke about how AI bias was potentially a paradox and how AI ethics remains front of mind for organisations deploying AI solutions.

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