💬 “Over my discussions with many of my colleagues and people who are involved in mental health, neurodiversity and disability, we agree that we don’t need inclusion. We need zero-exclusion.“ Yonah Welker

This is a conversation with Yonah Welker

🎙️ Yonah is a technologist, explorer and Venture Capitalist working on the intersections of technology, artificial intelligence, human ability, society & ethics. He’s founded tech companies and labs, helped to facilitate tech ecosystems across the world, screened hundreds of technologies on behalf of projects and ecosystems with MIT, Singularity University, 500 Startups, Techstars, European Commission and World Economic Forum.

Yohan is interested in algorithmic diversity. How we can reimagine technology, ability, ethics and create open and interconnected ecosystems where anyone has equal access regardless of ability. He asks questions like can we align ability with technology to help individuals to actually perform, not just ‘fit’? His interest in inclusive ecosystems is driven by his own journey which includes neurological and autoimmune disorders which led to isolation and rejection, so much so that he was forced to create personalised learning, development for himself.

This is the Boundless Podcast, and now here’s my conversation with Yonah Welker

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