💬 “Some people benefit from home working, but the research shows that face-to-face meetings are much better for developing ideas. The University of Stanford has published research that says in 2021 we could lose out on innovation because we haven’t got that face-to-face connectivity.” Dr. Naeema Pasha

🎙️ My Friday Co-Host is Naeema Pasha. She works for Henley Business School focussing on future strategy, vision and operations of business education. Everything from people engagement to tech adoption.

🎧 In this episode Naeema and I discussed our insights and observations prompted by this week’s episodes with:

Diane Mulcahy, Institutional Investor: “The future of work is here, it’s not just evenly distributed”

Murray Grubb Jnr, Director of CX & Strategic Accounts at Oracle: “AI use in marketing still needs humans”

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