💬 “In most cases customer loyalty simply doesn’t exist anymore and that’s why AI in marketing still needs that human touch; validation points and constant checkpoints throughout the process. One mistake and your customer is gone for good.” @Murray Grubb Jnr

This is a conversation with Murray Grubb Jnr

🎙️ Murray heads up the Aviation Sector and strategic accounts in Oracle to drive Digital Transformation, User Adoption and Acceptance of modern digital services. He is a former Elected Politician, Speaker, Panellist, Judge and Industry Expert on all forms of Digital Engagement.

🎧 In this episode, Murray talks about brand ‘authenticity’ as being critical, and gives some great examples of this, but explains that, as we have learned from the pandemic, the world can change swiftly and companies cannot rely on their AI to support consumer personalisation when new buyer data takes time to build. Murray talks about the importance of keeping the human in the loop especially at times like this and why consumer loyalty to a brand is wafer-thin and that one mistake, whether from a human or from your AI can turn a customer away for life.

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