💬 “We need to be mindful as leaders in organisations deploying AI, that if we’re doing something that we don’t feel good telling our mum’s about, then there’s a very good chance that that thing is not right.” Edosa Odaro

This is a conversation with Edosa Odaro
🎙️ Edosa is a global cross-industry leader currently serving as Chief Business Officer at Theory+Practice. He is passionate about deploying effective AI and data solutions, about applying behavioural economics for solving complex real-world problems and most of all about developing services that predetermine the actual return for his clients on their Data, AI & Technology investments. In a previous role, he was a Head of Data at the world’s second-largest financial services company and responsible for driving significant people, data and cloud transformation.

🎧 In this episode, Edosa talks about the reaction from the general public to problems that occur when we cede control to machines – from autonomous vehicles to recommendation engines. He explores the reasons why we find harm caused by machines so distasteful, even when on balance they make our safer and less accident-prone. Edosa talked about whether these challenges around perception are better addressed through machine and AI explainability or by creating a culture of openness and transparency in the businesses that create the technology way before any incidents happen.

This led our conversation onto trust and what that means for a modern business that deploys frontier technologies. Edosa explained that there’s still too many examples of where we are coding bias into our AI models, albeit this is usually an intended consequence, it’s still a reminder of how far we have to go in a field of technology that prioritises scale and impact.

We also delved into the push and pull options available to retailers based on how they can incentivise or penalise certain customer types based on shopping habits, such as those that are heavy returners of goods such as fashion. Edosa was kind enough to explore a couple of examples that I presented based on the hospitality industry. Finally, I asked Edosa my quick-fire AI questions, which you may enjoy hearing his answers to.

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