💬 The Automotive and Energy sectors are going through the biggest changes in 50 years. Their abilities to create, balance and optimise renewable energies are crucial to our sustainable future and to achieving NetZero greenhouse gas emissions.

🎧 This is the Beyond Journeys series on the Boundless Podcast which explores the role of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in helping us deliver a fully sustainable, NetZero future: the challenges, the risks and the opportunities. We feature leaders from major automotive, startup automotive, energy, insurance, fleet and battery tech.

🎙️ Today’s episode is with my series commentator Tapan Trivedi who will explore our learnings prompted by the episodes with:

➊ Paul Kirby, Head of LCV and EV Strategy at Vanarama: Transforming fleets to EV
➋ Sara Sloman, Head of Future Mobility Partnership at Elmtronics: Human behaviour and transport planning

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