💬 “Untethering data from technology, I believe, is one of the most important organizational changes that is happening. And that’s because data is not based on software, it’s not based on technical aspects, it’s based on how it helps the business” Scott Taylor

This is a conversation with Scott Taylor

🎙️ Scott, The Data Whisperer, has helped countless companies “calm data down” by enlightening business executives to the value and power of proper data management. He focuses on business alignment and the “strategic WHY” rather than system implementation and the “technical HOW.” As Principal Consultant for MetaMeta Consulting, he helps Enterprises and Tech Brands tell their data story.

As a recognized influencer and subject matter expert in the data management space, he has worked with global enterprises by representing some of the world’s most iconic business data brands including Dun & Bradstreet, Nielsen, Microsoft and WPP/Kantar in a variety of strategic marketing, go to market, innovation and consulting roles.

🎧 In this episode, Scott talks about how the world changed when someone thought to put the word big before data, he describes the fall out of confusion and bright shiny object syndrome that ensued. I asked him how companies are doing in the basics, the basics of organising, structuring and understanding their internal data so that downstream projects can be successful, such as an internet of things strategy, or an AI project.

Scott talked about whether it’s wise to try and monetise your data by selling it to third parties, and whether it’s better to have a data leader in your organisation or to spread this knowledge and responsibility across the business. Sometimes, he says, the Chief Data Officer is quite as chief-like as it may sound. But it still might be a route into the CEO role in the future. But Scott warns, these prospective CEO’s from the data division will have to learn how to successfully tell business stories, which means they need to know and talk the business language. Technical language won’t cut it. And they need to remember that they’re competing for attention and budget with the Chief of Sales and the Chief of Marketing, two leaders that tell stories for a living.

Finally, Scott told us about the success of his puppets of data and the impact they have had on his story and his social influence and he explained the meaning of his moniker ‘the data whisperer’.

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