💬 “There’s this idea that in business we go on a journey with AI that starts with automating repetitive tasks to then augmenting decision making. And when we do, us humans, will be free to pursue new creative endeavours. I’m not sure I see enough evidence to support this logic yet. AI, to date, has been more adept at narrowing our perspectives, than widening them.” Richard Foster-Fletcher

Today I wanted to share something a little different with you. This is part of a guest lecture that I’ve been giving a number of Universities. It incorporates some of the ideas and themes that we’ve been discussing lately on the show. I use this talk to challenge the perception that AI in corporations to naturally going to set free human innovation and creativity. In fact, I put forward an opposing view, that AI in corporations will create echo-chambers of ideas and processes, similar to how AI created echo-chambers of views and beliefs on social media. I hope you enjoy this episode and we’ll be back with regular programming later this week.

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