💬 “AI is not your salesperson, stop asking it to do that. AI as a mechanism to support your consumer in their own needs. This idea is a big mind-shift for brands, because their first instinct with AI is to try and use it to sell more. Think, make sure you work for the consumer first. A happy consumer leads in the end, to a happy brand.” @Raj Balasundaram

This is a conversation with Raj Balasundaram

🎙️ Raj is an Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing Evangelist. He is a tech storyteller, mentor and teacher simplifying complex digital challenges into common sense to passionately advocate customer-centricity marketing techniques. It is his second appearance on the Boundless podcast, and we are delighted to welcome him back.

🎧 In this episode, Raj and I talk about the trend towards using AI to serve individual consumers needs at scale. The implications of this are significant, particularly in the fashion industry. Raj described the problem that the fashion business experiences in detail, the over-stocking, the discounting, the environmental footprint and the waste, before and after-sale. He explains that AI has a solution to this and describes what will have to happen with the technology, from the brands and through the consumer for us to get there. It’s an incredible vision and one that will disrupt the whole industry, creating a step-change in the supply chain and the revenues. Although Raj is a Senior Vice President in an innovative AI company, he comes on to the show to share his own personal views and beliefs.

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