💬 “Amazon wants to win at e-commerce by removing the sale. They’ll send you stuff in the mail and you’d send back what you don’t want. The genius behind that is not that their AI so brilliant that they’ll still make a profit, even with the stuff you send back. The genius is that there is no sale. You can’t compete with Amazon for a sale, if there isn’t one.” Richard Foster-Fletcher

🎙️ My Friday Co-Host is Dr Naeema Pasha. She works for Henley Business School partly focussing on future strategy, vision and operations of business education. Everything from people engagement to tech adoption.

🎧 In this episode, Naeema and I discussed our insights and observations prompted by this week’s episodes with David W. Sime and Geoff Keeling. Our topics included:

💡 1.) new kingdoms and monopolies in VR
💡 2.) persuasion and influence in new media
💡 3.) flipping AI influencing our biases, to AI illuminating our biases
💡 4.) human decision making and climate change
💡 5.) AI and behavioural psychology

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