💬 “There’s VR hardware out there which is suspiciously cheap. This raises alarm bells. For example, to use one particular headset, you have to log into that social media channel. That’s a company that wants your data.” @David W. Sime

This is a conversation with David Sime

🎙️ David is a multi-award winning AR and VR production manager with over twenty years of digital media experience. David works with Google and the Chartered Institute of Marketing and directs the immersive media agency Oncor Reality. He is a published author on the application of Virtual and Augmented Reality in both mental and physical healthcare.

🎧 In this episode, David and I talk about the risks and dangers of immersive, always-on technologies such as augmented reality. A future that we are accelerating towards where the blended physical and digital worlds become unrecognisable from one another. I asked David about the potential of monopolies ruling in this new digital kingdom, on the hardware, software, APIs and most importantly the data. He has grave concerns about this. David is an XR enthusiast, he leads a business promoting these technologies and is positive about the benefits it offers the world in terms of collaboration opportunities, training and development, reduced travelling and therefore reduced greenhouse gas emissions. But importantly he remains pragmatic about the challenges ahead to keep this technology open and inclusive and protect the public from deeper data harvesting and new technological monopolies.

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