💬 “Sharing is key. If we are going be reducing congestion, we cannot swap every internal combustion engine vehicle with an EV version” @Sara Sloman

🎙️ Sara Slomanis Head of Future Mobility Partnership at Elmtronics, an independent supplier of electric car charging services and EV chargers in the UK. She has a background in public and private sector consultancy and business development roles serving Local Authorities, and has been involved in delivering project management for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. Sara is a believer in supporting all modes of transport for a sustainable future and her passion is in clean energy and zero emission mobility. She was named as EV Champion in 2018 and featured on the GreenFleet “100 Most influential” list in 2019 and 2020.

This is the Beyond Journeys series on the Boundless Podcast, we are exploring how the electrification of road travel will impact our lives and environment.

🎧 In this episode of the Beyond Journeys series on the @Boundless Podcast, Sara talks about:
💡 1.) the triggers and events that prompted belief in scaling EVs
💡 2.) why personal EV choices go beyond range and power
💡 3.) the importance of shared vehicles and sharing your vehicle
💡 4.) reframing cars from a status symbol to a commodity
💡 5.) the ongoing challenges of data sharing in the mobility industry