💬 “Sometimes in data and in AI and data scientists, a lot of the job descriptions are quite gender-coded. So they’ll say we’re looking for Ninja. We’re looking for a rock star, we’re looking for a quarterback. And these descriptions can cloud what the job is, and it discourages women from applying to certain posts.” Naeema Pasha

🎙️ My Friday Co-Host is @Dr Naeema Pasha. She works for Henley Business School partly focussing on future strategy, vision and operations of business education. Everything from people engagement to tech adoption.

🎧 In this episode, Naeema and I discussed our reactions to this week’s episodes with @Violet Snell and @Kim Nilsson. Our topics included:

💡 1.) whether we need more engineering than science to solve global challenges
💡 2.) computer vision opportunities
💡 3.) diversity and bias in AI teams
💡 4.) AI hype
💡 5.) AI ethics

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