Danilo McGarry is the Global Head of Automation at Alter Domus. Previously he was one of the Heads of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning at CitiGroup and senior manager of Automation in UnitedHealth Group. He is an advisor to the European Union Commission AI Alliance and has been published in The Times Newspaper and InfoMoney.

This is part one of two of my conversation with Danilo. In this episode we talked about the effects of AI on equality and how members of superpowers will become super-thinkers by adopting technology like brain augmentation systems. The impact of BCI systems like Neuralink on society and privacy. We looked ahead at how schooling needs to change and what we should be using our brains for in the future as AI picks up more of the cognitive slack. We discussed new reward systems as the job market changes and lifetime longevity increases and the new modalities about success and choice theatre needed. Finally we talked about what could happen when we create new species of human through technological induced evolution.

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