Series: Artificial Intelligence, Leadership and the Future of Further Education


Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair,
Kurt Hintz, Executive Principal, Capital City College Group
Paul Levy, Writer, thinker, conversifier, collusion breaker

Episode 8: AI and Conscious Leadership in Education

Show Notes:

In this thought-provoking episode, hosts Richard Foster-Fletcher and Kurt Hintz are joined by writer and technosophy expert Paul Levy to discuss the promises and perils of AI integration in education.

Key topics covered include:

  • The need for ethics and purpose to guide rapid AI advancement, beyond commercial drivers alone. Education cannot solely optimise for efficiency metrics.
  • Risk of over-reliance on generative AI leading to helpless dependence once systems are unavailable. Critical thinking capability may erode without balanced human-AI collaboration.
  • Education’s aim transcends employable skills to nurturing self-actualisation. Policymakers and corporations cannot impose convenient narratives about automating learning.
  • Discernment needed on appropriate AI applications – some scenarios warrant replacement, others damage the human condition. Judgment of long-term impacts essential.
  • Importance of motivation, curiosity, discovery and confidence-building in human development, beyond AI’s purview currently. Risk of instrumentalist view stripping joy of learning.
  • Possibilities for AI to enhance critical thinking assignments rather than replacing essays outright. Designing nudges towards excellence over mediocrity.
  • Ensuring emerging technologies improve equity, accessibility and inclusion rather than exacerbating divides.

Far from inevitable dystopia or utopia, the episode offers balanced perspectives on risks, opportunities and responsible leadership needed to craft an AI-powered education system aligned to student welfare.