Series: Artificial Intelligence, Leadership, and the Future of Further Education


  • Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair,
  • Kurt Hintz, Managing Director, Fortis Education Consulting


  • Laurence Frewin, Principal and CEO, South Devon College

Guest Bios:

Laurence Frewin has been the Principal & CEO of South Devon College since September 2019. He is known for his strategic leadership and management expertise, both in the private sector and in education. Laurence’s career at South Devon College began in 2010 as Vice Principal Corporate Services, later becoming Deputy CEO. He has led significant cross-college initiatives in sustainability, equality, and diversity, and managed professional and business support areas. His notable achievements include overseeing the development of major infrastructure projects like the £9m University Building, £7m South West Energy Centre, and the £17m Hi Tech & Digital Centre.

Episode 19: “Beyond the Horizon: The Laurence Frewin Vision for South Devon “

Episode Overview:

In “Beyond the Horizon: The Laurence Frewin Vision for South Devon ,” we explore the transformative role of AI and digital technologies in further education. Laurence Frewin shares his strategic vision for integrating AI at South Devon College, his leadership philosophy, and the college’s role as a community hub. This episode delves into specific AI projects, community engagement through technology, and strategic planning for the future educational landscape.

Key Topics of Discussion:

  1. Visionary Leadership in Education: Examining Laurence’s approach to leadership and strategic vision for South Devon College amidst technological evolution.
  2. The Crossroads of AI and Education: Discussing specific AI projects at South Devon College and collaborations with tech companies.
  3. Community and Business Engagement Through Technology: Exploring how digital tools support learners, businesses, and the local community.
  4. Strategic Thinking and Future Planning: Reflecting on Laurence’s strategic planning for the future educational landscape, including preparation for 2035 and beyond.
  5. Ethical and Creative Considerations in AI: Addressing ethical dilemmas and creative challenges posed by AI in education.

Key ‘Takeaway’ Ideas:

  1. Innovative Leadership: Highlighting the importance of visionary leadership in driving technological transformation in education.
  2. Ethical AI Integration: Emphasizing the need for ethical considerations and policy development in AI adoption.
  3. Empowering Communities: Showcasing how technology can foster community and business engagement, enhancing educational outcomes.

Explore the Episode: Join us for an insightful discussion on the transformative power of AI and technology in education with Laurence Frewin. Learn how South Devon College is setting the stage for a more connected and technologically advanced educational future.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into strategic planning, community engagement, and the ethical integration of AI in education.

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