Series: Artificial Intelligence, Leadership and the Future of Further Education


  • Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair,
  • Kurt Hintz, Executive Principal, Capital City College Group
  • Conrad Taylor, Business Learning & Technologies Manager, The City of Wolverhampton College
  • Dr. Adam Dwight, Lecturer in Teacher Education and Learning Innovator, The City of Wolverhampton College

Episode 12: Embracing Digital Transformation: Insights from The City of Wolverhampton College

Episode Overview:

In this episode, Richard Foster-Fletcher and Kurt Hintz engage in a comprehensive dialogue with Conrad Taylor and Dr. Adam Dwight from City of Wolverhampton College. The discussion illuminates the college’s strategic approach to digital transformation, highlighting the innovative integration of AI and technology in teaching and learning processes. The conversation delves into the pivotal roles that Conrad and Adam play in spearheading digital initiatives, shedding light on the transformative impact of technology on student engagement and educational outcomes.

Key Topics of Discussion:

  • The pathway to digital transformation within the education sector, emphasising the initiatives spearheaded by the City of Wolverhampton College.
  • The dynamic role of technology in reshaping educational experiences, with a focus on personalised learning and digital skill development.
  • Insights into the leadership strategies that drive successful technology integration in further education settings.

Recommendations from the Episode:

  • Adopting a Forward-Looking Approach: Emphasising the importance of visionary leadership in navigating the complexities of digital transformation in education.
  • Fostering Collaborative Innovation: Highlighting the significance of collaboration among educators, technologists, and students to maximise the potential of digital tools in enhancing learning.
  • Empowering Through Digital Literacy: Stressing the necessity of equipping both students and educators with digital competencies to thrive in a technologically advanced educational landscape.

This episode serves as an inspiring exploration of the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation in further education, offering valuable insights for educators, leaders, and policymakers committed to leveraging AI and technology for educational excellence.