Series: Artificial Intelligence, Leadership and the Future of Further Education


  • Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair,
  • Kurt Hintz, Executive Principal, Capital City College Group
  • Ian Pryce CBE, Former CEO of Bedford College Group

Episode 11: “AI Innovations and Leadership: The Bedford College Group’s Journey”Episode Overview: In this episode, the conversation focuses on the transformative role of AI in further education. Ian Pryce shares his insights from his tenure at Bedford College Group, discussing how AI and digital technologies have been integrated into the curriculum. The discussion, led by Richard Foster-Fletcher and Kurt Hintz, explores the challenges and opportunities of implementing AI in further education.

AI Integration at Bedford College Group: Ian Pryce talks about Bedford College’s journey in integrating AI into their system, highlighting the use of the Century computerised system to enhance online study. The conversation delves into the impact of this AI tool in supporting both staff and students, and how it has helped to advance personalised learning and improve teacher efficiency.

Embracing AI for Future-Proofing Education: The dialogue sheds light on how the Bedford College Group is preparing students for future challenges through AI. It discusses the role of AI in shaping new educational paradigms and the importance of equipping students with relevant digital skills.

Challenges and Ethical Considerations: Pryce, Foster-Fletcher, and Hintz discuss the ethical implications and practical challenges of integrating AI in education. They touch on the importance of balancing technology with traditional teaching methods and ensuring equitable access to digital resources.

The episode concludes with a focus on the importance of leadership in driving technological change in education. It highlights the need for continuous innovation and adaptability in the face of rapidly evolving AI technologies, ensuring that further education remains relevant and effective in preparing students for the future.