“We’re in unprecedented territory. ‘Business as usual’ is broken. Maybe it was broken for some time. The system was very inefficient. We need to use this as an opportunity to break away from the old economy and the wastage it allowed. Food was being thrown away whilst people were starving. Something was wrong with the market.” Imtiaz Adam

This is Boundless Rebooted. We have an opportunity to co-create new normals: to reboot our habits, rekindle our relationship with nature and rethink our personal aspirations.

The mini-series ‘Boundless #Rebooted has launched because many people right now need to hear what opportunities there are for good. We are broadcasting daily, sharing messages of hope that this experience will change all of us for the better.

In this episode, Imtiaz Adam, Founder of Deep Learn Strategies shares his thoughts on what our leaders need to do now to unlock new technologies and create a new economy.

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