This is Boundless Rebooted. During #Covid19, we are broadcasting daily. Sharing messages from international Thought Leaders, about mental wellbeing, about leadership and about the opportunities we have right now to make our world more resilient, collaborative and sustainable.

This episode is with Vera Mulyani. Vera is a critically acclaimed visionary architect and urban designer. For the past 15 years, Vera’s practice of architecture and science has been evolving to reach an interplanetary scale, pioneering the Mars Architecture (Marschitecture) movement on building a sustainable city on Mars. Her Mars City simulation is currently building in the California desert, uniting the most advanced technology in alternative energy and infrastructure, that can empower the Inland Empire dynamic development.

In this episode Vera explains that we need to challenge ourselves to think big, go out and discover our galactic neighbourhood, because when we do, we’ll really start to learn about and appreciate our home here on Earth.

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