💬 “We all saw Jack Ma and Elon Musk sitting on the stage together. Next time will we see a European person there as well? But what story are they going to tell? China has their AI story, the US has theirs and maybe it seems like they are building walls with AI. Rather than Europe building a wall, can it build a table that more people can sit at?” Richard Foster-Fletcher

🎙️ My Friday Co-Host is @Dr Naeema Pasha. She works for Henley Business School partly focussing on future strategy, vision and operations of business education. Everything from people engagement to tech adoption.

🎧 In this episode Naeema and I discussed our reactions to this week’s episodes with @Michael Kanaan, @Frits Bussemaker and @Ryan Moore. Our topics included:

💡 1.) the ongoing challenges experienced by distributed teams
💡 2.) breaking down siloes to deliver successful AI projects
💡 3.) AI geo-politics and the place for Europe
💡 4.) Rethinking AI and China
💡 5.) AI and its impacts on human liberties

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