💬 “For virtual reality mass adoption, it’s about driving the price points down, increasing the user experience and reducing the friction. Within five years you’ll have really amazing worlds to be explored. And then within 10 to 15 years, you’ll have simulations that are essentially capable of being indistinguishable from reality.”

This is a conversation with David Gull

🎙️ David is the CEO and founder of Outer Realm. A business helping lead the platform shift from 2D screens to immersive spatial computing in the Real Estate industry. He has a unique combination of Design & Technical Expertise as a Licensed Architect and Technology Executive.

🎧 In this episode David talks about some of the important use cases for augmented and virtual reality including the reduction of waste, enriching our understanding of the environment around us, supporting our design capabilities and helping to make better purchase decisions. He talks about the new information that can be digitally layered onto our world and describes how virtual business meetings are evolving right now using face and emotion scanning technology to represent you accurately as an avatar in the virtual meeting space creating co-presence and connecting. He explains that an abstract avatar is just as convincing as a real avatar, and David sees great applications for this in education. Finally, we talk about the future of virtual reality and immersive, new experiences that we can literally step into.

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